NBIS Annual Giving Campaign 2023

How does your donation help? 

Your donation transforms compassion into practical, meaningful care for brain injury survivors and their families through direct client services, resource navigation, peer support, and education. 

Did you know that 1 in 20 people in Nanaimo are affected by brain injury? Brain injury can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and is often a life-changing event. We know that early intervention and meaningful support is crucial to building resilience and improving quality of life. NBIS programs and services are offered free of charge through the generous support of donors like you.

Your One Donation Benefits the Community in 12 Different Ways...

Hospital Peer Volunteer Support

NBIS peer volunteers with lived experience of brain injury support patients in the hospital by sharing hope, reassurance, and their first-hand experience.

1-1 Client Support & Resource Navigation

NBIS supports individuals with their immediate needs and long-term planning after injury by providing connection to resources and services in the community, and other NBIS programs.

Awareness, Research & Advocacy

NBIS works with local, provincial and national partners to raise awareness, advance research and create change for the benefit of brain injury survivors and families. 

Caregiver Counselling Support

NBIS offers free group support to help caregivers cope with the challenges that may follow when supporting a loved one with a brain injury.

Community Partnerships

NBIS collaborates with other community organizations, businesses, and various levels of government to leverage resources and build healthier communities for all.

Education and Prevention

NBIS hosts community education, workshops and symposiums to share information, provide support, and build community awareness.

Helmets for Kids 

NBIS gives free helmets to families with financial barriers so kids can be safe while riding their bikes.

Virtual Programs 

NBIS delivers virtual programming to extend our reach to other communities, increase accessibility, and accommodate people with different needs.

NBIS Social Program 

NBIS runs an informal drop in social program where clients are able to do a variety of different activities and make meaningful social connections

Brain Injury ID Cards

NBIS provides free identification cards for clients affected by brain injury as a tool to help them avoid misunderstandings with police, EMT’s and others.

Housing Support 

NBIS assists clients in obtaining safe and affordable housing, aiming to minimize the risk of housing loss or instability while supporting them throughout the housing application process.

Quality of Life 

NBIS supports individuals by giving them tools and strategies to re-learn the skills associated with daily living to improve quality of life.

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