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Welcome to Axis Brain Health, where you will find an evidence-based, holistic program that improves brain health.  Brain injury, stroke, concussion, aging and even long COVID can lead to a range of cognitive challenges, Axis can help! Why consider Axis? This program helps participants to “re-wire” their brain through neuroplasticity versus traditional compensatory strategies.

NBIS is building on research and training that has helped hundreds to reclaim their lives by improving cognition, increasing overall well-being, and returning to work, sports, and more.  We have partnered with ABI Wellness, a BC-based organization to bring this incredible resource to the community and to leverage their powerful BEARSTM platform that incorporates 4 pillars: Cognitive training, physical exercise, mindfulness/meditation, and progress tracking.

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This program helps participants to “re-wire” their brain through neuroplasticity versus traditional compensatory rehab programs for brain injury. The results are impressive. Here are just a few examples:

  • 71% of clients saw general cognition improvements, including, learning ability, memory, attention and concentration.
  • 68% of clients saw improvements in their mental health, including anger, anxiety and depression.
  • 77% return-to-work rate for clients, compared to 40% with traditional compensatory programs.

Program Details:

Small group in-person program at NBIS (virtual option coming soon)

Program commitment = 3 months (next cohort starting soon)

Tuesdays & Thursdays – 2:00pm – 5:00pm at NBIS offices (6 hours clinic time each week with certified program facilitator, Selene Lincoln)

Tracking of all program areas so you can see your progress

What Families Are Saying

About Axis Brain Health

Meet Selene Lincoln,
Axis Program Facilitator

Raised on the rugged west coast of BC, Selene is passionate about the positive impacts that recreation and leisure can have on overall wellbeing. As a certified therapeutic recreation specialist (CTRS), she is excited to be a part of the Axis Cognitive Rehabilitation Program at NBIS.  Her education and research have always been grounded in recreation, community development, and resilience. Outside of the office, Selene can be found running through the trails and jumping in puddles with her dog, Oliver.


BEARS Program Success Stories

"It was about six weeks in where I started to notice some benefits from the program."

"Changing my brain, gave me my life back, Thank you!"

Launch Day!

Axis Brain Health

NBIS Executive Director Kix Citton sits down with ABI Wellness to share their exciting BEARS platform and how it works.

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