Brain Injury ID Cards

In fall of 2020, NBIS volunteers sat down with Re-Imagine Nanaimo to discuss accessibility in our city.  One of the recommendations to come out of the focus group was brain injury identification cards.  People affected by brain injury can encounter difficulties with emotions, behavior, and cognitive functioning and many other symptoms. Brain injury identification cards can be a useful tool for people affected by brain injury and can help avoid misunderstandings with police, EMT and ambulance personnel, and others. NBIS Client I.D. cards are available to NBIS Clients upon request at no cost.

What is the NBIS client
identification card?

The Client I.D. Card is a wallet-sized piece of identification that explains that the card holder has an acquired brain injury. 

The client card has capacity to include:

  • First and last name of card holder
  • Photo of card holder
  • NBIS Logo and contact information
  • List of how the injury presents
  • Emergency contact and phone# (optional)
  • Issue date
    Card I.D. number

Multiple benefits:

  • Prevents misdiagnosis by first responders, hospital staff, other healthcare workers
  • Brain injury symptoms can be misinterpreted as under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Promotes confidence for ABI survivors as they navigate in the community
  • Tangible communication/evidence in the absence of visible health conditions
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