Community Navigator- Client Services

What is Navigation?

  • Navigation at NBIS serves to link people affected by brain injury to both formal and informal resources.
  • Focuses on identifying and serving the needs of the client and caregiver as a unique individual.

The Community Navigator Program is a non-medical support service that helps people affected by ABI and their caregivers by:

  • Providing non-medical client assessment and joint identified actions
  • Empowering ABI clients and caregivers to self-manage their recovery through peer support programs, group and individual education, supported decision-making and goal-setting
  • Ongoing case management, if required
  • Answering questions asked by individuals surviving an ABI and their caregivers and help them navigate the health care system
  • Linking them to resources and programs to assist with their recovery
  • Assisting with self-management strategies to manage their ABI and caregiving roles
  • Providing opportunity to attend peer support programs and education sessions for both the person who had the brain injury and the caregiver
  • Connecting with local support, community and education programs

How to Enrol:

The Community Navigator Program is open to NBIS clients. To learn more about the Navigator Program you can:

  1. Call Mick Timbrell at 250-753-5600 Ext.1
  2. Email
  3. Text 250-268-3959
  4. Visit our office during opening hours.

To download a referral form click HERE.  Referral forms can be faxed or brought into the NBIS office.