Community Workshops

Raising Awareness. Reducing Brain Injury.

NBIS provides educational presentations to people and groups who might need a better understanding of the complex issues that arise when living with, or working with people who have an acquired brain injury.  These groups include brain injury survivors and their caregivers, youth, social service agencies, health care professionals, specialized groups such as teachers and community coaches as well as the general public.

At NBIS we are committed to increasing awareness about acquired brain injury in Nanaimo and are happy to take part in a variety of community events. Whether that is setting up an information table at an event or partnering with another community organization for a workshop, we love being out in community increasing awareness of brain injury and letting people know what we do.

Puzzled about brain injury?  We can help! Our free informative UBI workshop is can help you learn about the causes and symptoms of brain injury as well as useful tips on what can help during recovery.

NBIS provides a variety of educational workshops.  We have also recorded a variety of education session on our YouTube Channel!  Come learn more about what’s on our Education Session Playlist.

Are you an organization or group that would like to learn more about Brain Injury?


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