Concussion 101

This workshop is for youth/students 11 years and older and was created to give kids a better understanding of what a concussion is, how it is caused, and how to recognize concussion symptoms. The workshop was designed for our school program in SD 68 to compliment the Grade 6/7 curriculum.  It is also a valuable presentation for specialized youth groups, such as athletic teams and leadership programs.

What did I learn?

“I learned that a concussion does not necessarily mean damage to your head. Your head could be perfectly fine whereas your brain could be suffering.”
Grade 6 Student
SD 68
"That you don’t have to be knocked out to have a concussion and that you always have to wear a helmet when you bike.”
Grade 6 Student

Special Workshop for Coaches & Teachers

Concussion Management in Youth

This workshop is for people working with youth who want a better understanding of Return to School/ Return to Play standards, such as teachers, parks and recreation leaders and community coaches.  Presented by Dr. Jamie Dunnett of CBI Health.

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